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Left: A Handley Page Harrow II tanker of Flight Refuelling Ltd. refuels Short Empire Cambria, over Foynes in Ireland, for its Trans Atlantic flight to Newfoundland in August 1939. 

On return flights the big boats were refuelled over Botswood, Newfoundland on flights between Montreal and Southampton.



Above: Beaching operation. 

Above Right: Promenade deck on a QANTAS Empire flying boat. The Australian services started from Southampton in 1938 reducing the previous flight time to Brisbane from 12 days to 9 days. Return fare London - Sydney was 274 including all overnight hotel stops. 

Below Right: One of the six QANTAS Short S.23 Empire flying boats. All Empire aircraft received names beginning with C, with the Australian boats named; Coolengatta, Cooee, Carpentaria, Coogee, Corio and Courang.

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