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Wednesday March 11, 9:57 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

BioFarm S.A. -- Romania -- Names Additional Proposed Nominees to Global Board of Directors

WILLOW GROVE, Pa. "(BUSINESS WIRE)" March 11, 1998-Global Spill Management, Inc. (GEGI) announced today that it has received from Litchfield Continental, Ltd. (London) the names of additional persons to be proposed for election to the Board of Directors of Global at the forthcoming Special Meeting of Global shareholders.

(Previously, Global announced, on March 6, 1998, the names of the initial three proposed nominees of Litchfield for election to the Global Board.)

The additional nominees for election to the Global Board include:

HERBERT MARCUS III: resident of Dallas; grandson of the founder of Neiman-Marcus; manager of private investments since 1991; previously. Senior Vice President (International Investment Division) Henry S. Miller/Grubb & Ellis Company (Dallas)

KEITH D. BEEKMEYER: resident of London; degree (BS) from London Business School; a principal of Litchfield and one of its founders; previously, property portfolio manager in Monte Carlo with Niskham Foundation, with a subsidiary of Petrofina Oil and with a department of Barclay's Bank brokering international clients' businesses

ANIL K. MAHAN: resident of England; degree from Howard University School of Law; member of D.C. bar; since 1992 with Branch Associates (Birmingham, England), a firm specializing in accounting matters for private individuals; will become in-house General Counsel to Litchfield and affiliates

LAURENCE BAER: resident of Maryland; degree from New York Institute of Technology; currently, principal of. Bear Associates (international marketing company), located in Laurel, Maryland; previously. Executive Assistant to Chairman of Global Economic Action Institute (not-for-profit international economic co-operation institute)

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